Keep Your Eyes On The Roadmap!

3 min readMay 23, 2021

Avaware (AVA) is a newly launched project on the Avalanche network. We’re building a strong team of individuals that want to bring fun and useful apps to the market. DeFi & Blockchain are the future, and we want to co-create that future to the best of our abilities. We chose the Avalanche network because we’re sure it will stand the test of time, and we believe in the vision of the creators. The gas prices are reasonable and the transactions times are fast which will give us an edge while we develop the next version of the internet.

We believe that games will help push adoption and have made it our mission to create fun decentralized games. We plan on integrating NFTs, both in-game and standalone marketplaces, and fun game play to bring you projects you will love to play and tell your friends about. While games are our main focus we will also be developing other projects alongside that help boost the value of our token and bring value to the network and community.

This is the first version of our Roadmap and timelines are likely to change in the coming months. Our project website will maintain an updated Roadmap that tracks progress and keeps the community up to date with what’s going on behind the scenes at Avaware! These are our main objectives, though smaller yet still exciting updates & apps will be released in the mean time as well!


June 2021 http://Avaware.Network Launches! The official website will act as a central hub for the project with news, helpful information, progress reports, and links to all the other games and applications on the network.

Q3 2021http://Avaware.Farm development begins. Users will be able to mine AVA using our in-house farm. We will utilize advanced strategies to enhance your earnings and include unique features that make the experience enjoyable.

Q4 2021 — http://Avaware.Farm launches and AVA mining begins. Our marketing campaigns will be ramped up at this point as we grow our user base. Development of our first game will be underway after careful planning and input from the community.

Q1 2022 development in full swing! Our first gaming project will be getting most of the focus now that our mining farm is operational. We will continue marketing efforts while developing our game with input from the community. We will have a clear vision of our direction and what kind of features & game play we want and expect and will work to the best of our abilities to achieve those results!

You can read more about Avador Empire in another article here.

Q2 2022http://Avaware.Exchange marketplace development begins. This marketplace will allow users to buy and sell items outside the game. As we add more games to our studio, you will be able to move your items between games as well as sell, buy, or trade with friends! Each game will also feature an in-game marketplace where game-specific items can be bought and sold.

Q3 2022 goes live. At this point our farm will be well developed and have many unique features. Our game will be entering the beta phase and we will be actively testing the game play within our community.

Avaware is just getting started, but one things is for certain, we’re here to stay, and we plan on building some amazing apps on the Avalanche network!

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Avaware brings talented open source developers together to collaborate and bring fun, innovative projects to a device near you. We’re the builders. $AVE