Avador Empire — Game Outline

2 min readMay 23, 2021

Avador Empire is the name of our first game set to be developed and released from the Avaware team. The game will take place in medieval times like many other old school RPG games. The basis of the game will be to grow your resources and defend your empire as best you can. You can farm resources, create buildings, upgrade your existing structures, and attack or ally with other empires!


Resources in the game will be used to maintain and further build your empire. You will need wood and stone to put up buildings, and food to feed your soldiers and towns people. You can gather resources by creating the appropriate building and then assigning workers to it. For example you can build a stone mine and have your towns people work the mine and in return you will earn a certain amount of stone per turn. There will be wood, stone, food, and gold. These resources can be bought and sold as well at the in-game market or directly with other players.


Buildings are used to generate resources, create villagers or soldiers, and unlock other aspects of the game. For example you can build an Academy which in turn would unlock upgrades for your other buildings, allowing you to farm more resources than you would of otherwise. Each building will be able to be upgrade-able and allow you to generate more resources, or increase your population more rapidly.


Some buildings will give you the ability to increase your population by allowing you to create soldiers, builders, or towns people depending on which building and upgrade level it has. Soldiers are used alongside defensive structures to provide protection for your empire, builders create and maintain buildings, having more builders allows you to build faster. Villagers are able to work the stone mine, tend the farms, or harvest wood from the sawmill. It requires strategy to make sure your generating enough resources to continue to expand while taking care of the population you currently have.

We hope you look forward to playing AvadorEmpire.com as much as we look forward to building it!




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