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2 min readJan 1, 2022


Be Like Jim

Welcome to a series of articles that intend to get progressively more in depth about Avaware.Network. This first article is a general overview of what Avaware brings to the table. Avaware combines all of the best parts of DeFi into one convenient package. We offer a plethora of yield farms, an NFT shop that holds events such as presales and album drops, NFT marketplace for buying and selling Avaware collectibles, even NFT staking which lets users earn AVE for staking their Avaware NFTsFor Life! We can’t forget to mention the Launchpad — Which has a live event right now! and our most recent release: Avaware USD (AUSD) which is an 99% backed *in the contract* stable coin & swap on Avalanche.

Liquidity Pool farms as well as a single-sided $AVE staking pool are available through Avaware.Network. These farms are designed to balance high yield and sustainability. At the current time there are 24 active LP’s plus the single-sided $AVE pool. In addition to a wide selection of partner LP farms, and your typical AVE/AVAX LP farms, we also offer AUSD Stable Farms which have been a big hit. We currently offer AUSD/USDC EPT, AUSD/MIM JLP, and AUSD/USDC.e PGL stable farms which are offering some of the best stable farming rates on Avalanche at present.

The project launchpad utilizes the Initial Farm Offering (IFO) model where participants can stake AVE and earn the new IFO token in return. The IFO model we use is unique and we’ve had great success with it. Right now we’re currently distributing 250k EMBR (Embr.Finance) to AVE investors over a period of 90 days, the more you stake the higher % of the 250k EMBR you will farm. Participants can stake in the yield farm and easily shift some stake into the IFO pool, during an IFO window, to get rewards in the new IFO coin. Some of the major IFO’s were for CABAG, BLUE, and EMBR. We continue to aim to attract investors from the AVAX ecosystem as well as new projects looking to launch through our platform.

There are four different options for NFT’s on Avaware.Network. First, there is the shop where new NFT’s can be minted. At the time of writing there are 6 NFT’s available to mint and one that has been completely sold out (go Embr!). In the wallet section you can see the NFT’s you currently own. In the Marketplace you can buy and sell already minted NFT’s. Last (but definitely not least) is staking of NFT’s! The Avaware NFT’s you own can be staked and earn you $AVE. For now the NFT’s available are limited to ones minted through Avaware, however there are plans to expand this in the future to act as a marketplace for all Avalanche NFT’s.





Avaware brings talented open source developers together to collaborate and bring fun, innovative projects to a device near you. We’re the builders. $AVE