Avaware NFT Album Drop Ft. NYC Hip Hop Artist Magnus Low

Our First NFT Album Release Collaboration!

Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check out our event. We’re hosting an album launch NFT for NYC Hip Hop Artist Magnus Lowe. If you like hip hop, anime, quantum level lyrical engineering, then you’ll love Moonbreaker! This Album is loaded with tongue twisting mind altering conscious lyricism unbeknownst elsewhere. Ready to take a ride to the moon?

We’re offering 1,000 copies of the NFT, each NFT has the IPFS download link to the album, can be traded on the Avaware Marketplace, and also can be staked in our NFT staking pool. Each NFT also comes loaded with 10 EMBR. The EMBR is immediately claimable , and we do hope you use it to explore the project Embr.Finance which is an advanced decentralized trading and investment protocol on Avalanche. The cost of each Moonbreaker NFT is 10 AUSD.

You can buy the Moonbreaker NFT here on our site. We urge everyone to also follow Magnus Lowe on YouTube. Check out the video for the 1st track on Moonbreaker “Alien Pineal Gland”




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