What’s Avaware Up to? Good Question!

Hey everyone! We hope you’ve all had a great week. Avaware has been making progress in nearly every way, we have this high tech network and blockchain full of awesome people to thank for that.

Avaware is focused on building quality projects on the Avalanche network. We’re focused on decentralized gaming, NFTs, and DeFi. Our goal is to help the Avalanche network grow while we build and thrive along side it. To do this we’re building projects that will bring more users to the network, make the users of the network more money, and entertain the users of the network for years to come. Let’s take a look at the projects we’re currently involved with.

Avadoria.Online is a game we’re currently developing. It will allow you to strategize and build your empire by taking care of your population, creating and upgrading your buildings and land, battling other users, and gathering and strategically putting to use the resources your empire produces! Collect and gather resources, buildings, and items you can buy and sell on the NFT marketplace.

eneftea.market is our market place we’re building. Users will be able to share NFTs from around the Avalanche network all in one place. Create categories, mint new art, and manage your NFT shop all in one space. Users can choose to offer their items for sale in AVE, AVAX, or PNG.

Avalanche.Today is our news portal for Avalanche and the properties on the network. We will offer up to date news and helpful learning resources for new-comers. We plan on building a rigorous marketing plan to attract new users to Avalanche and also will be hosting daily and weekly giveaways and contest for the Avalanche community. Avalanche.Today will feature and review projects from around Avalanche and offer advertising and promotional services payable in AVAX or AVE.

Farming will be ready very soon, we just began testing our first pool and will offer our users other pools to choose from as well. We will also host IFOs. Avaware is a wonderful choice for investors to farm because our other projects will help support and raise the value of our token.

Avaware launched last week but we’re looking to work and be a thriving part of the Avalanche community for years to come! Check out some of our social channels below and say Hi! today.




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