Start Your Project Off On The Right Foot With An IFO At Avaware

IFOs (Initial Farming Offerings) are a great way to launch your new project. We’ve come up with what we think is the best possible way to launch and grow your new project. Lets take a look at the steps and benefits involved in launching your project with an IFO through Avaware.

Initial funding is essential to your success. Every project will be handled on a project to project basis, but one of the first things we will help take care of is helping to get some funding in your pocket. We’ll come up with what’s needed to carry the project into production, and in exchange be given a portion of the initial coins to distribute through our farm to AVE holders.

An accessible and easy to use platform is what we strive to provide. Avaware was launched in a grassroots manner, ensuring everyone and all had access and an equal chance at obtaining and holding our tokens. This means our token is well distributed among the community and the same users will be staking AVE in exchange for a portion of your token as well.

Visibility is essential to a new project, and we’ve got you covered. Aside from our farmers who will be alerted to the new project entering the ecosystem, we will promote the new project on Avalanche.Today. AT is focused on delivering everything and anything Avalanche related. This is a great opportunity to get your project in front of the community who wants to see it the most.

Liquidity is needed for any project to succeed. We can offer to host your LP pool on our farm and help you grow your liquidity from the bottom up. This is a great opportunity for everyone involved. AVE holders will be interested since they have farmed your token, and you will be able to grow your liquidity and value, leaving you to focus on development and the growth of your project.

Are you a new project interested in taking advantage of our services? Feel free to reach out:



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