Project Avaware #2

4 min readSep 20, 2021

Welcome to our second edition of Project Avaware, where we take a look at what we’re working on, have completed, and what’s next. Let’s dive right in.


Avaware.Network is our primary DeFi product. Through Avaware.Network we offer access to LP farms as well as an AVE single sided pool. Our farming rates are competitive yet sustainable.

The launchpad is currently active, we utilize the IFO model. If you aren’t familiar that means you stake AVE and earn the token we’re distributing in exchange. The more AVE you stake, the more of the IFO tokens you receive. This is a great way to launch new projects since AVE has been active on Avalanche for awhile now it’s holders are wide and varied. This also makes it possible for any new investors to take part simply by buying AVE and staking it in the launchpad.

Our NFT section started as collectibles to spread awareness of other Avalanche projects and has grown into much more. We recently released both our Marketplace, where you can buy and sell Avaware NFTs, as well as released our NFT Staking, where you can stake any of the Avaware NFTs and earn AVE in return.

We’re constantly working on further developing our product. Avaware.Network is an entirely unique DeFi project, and we’re always open to suggestion if you feel you may have an idea for a feature we haven’t added yet.


Tip.Blue is a discord/twitter/reddit/telegram? tip bot we’re developing for the Avalanche ecosystem. The primary tipping token is $BLUE but you’ll be able to tip users with any of your favorite Avalanche tokens. We’re holding an IFO right now for the $BLUE token on the Avaware Launchpad. It’s set to run until September 30th. 500k tokens are being distributed through the launchpad. There’s also a 1m developer fund, 500k community fund, and 8m tokens being distributed through LP farming on Farm.Tip.Blue.

We’re on track to launch at the end of Sept/early Oct. with Discord support. Once live we’ll be adding support for other platforms as well. Project owners will be able to invite Blue into their discord servers and easily start tipping their users with their projects token.


Cabbage.Cash is a yield farm on Avalanche that we’re looking to make into something special. We know users don’t like worrying about IL, so we’re in the process of making available a number of decent paying Single Sided pools for assets such as USDT.e, WBTC.e, and WETH.e. We will also be setting up some single sided pools for Avalanche native tokens as well. We think this will make CABAG stand out from the other yield farms on Avalanche. Cabbage.Cash is also a unique and all new yield farm. We look forward to growing the project and filling a need we see as not yet filled along the way! (Website Not Live Yet) is an NFT project that we’ve been spending a lot of time on lately. We had a skilled graphics designer come to us a month or more ago, and they’d designed these beautiful coins. The coins vary as well as the cases. There’s 2,800 in total. We ended up hitting it off and Avaware agreed to incubate & supply the parts of the project he was having trouble building. We’re nearly in the final stretch now and we’re getting excited. Lookout for an early October launch on this one, it will feature amazing tokenomics, stunning graphics, and more. This ain’t your average coin collection!


Avalanche.Today continues to thrive and grow at an alarming rate. We’re actually looking for writers that are interested in helping us keep up with all the wonderful news that’s coming out of the Avalanche network lately! The daily visitors have sky rocketed, Likely due to the influx of users to the Avalanche ecosystem. We’ll continue to provide the news, objectively and grow alongside this beautiful network.





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