Project Avaware #1: A look at what we’re working on

4 min readAug 31, 2021

Hey everyone, I hope this update finds you well. I’m starting this Project Avaware series as a way to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on at Avaware. Grab your morning coffee, kick back, and read on.


Avaware.Network is our the primary DeFi hub of our operation. Right now it features farming, a launchpad, and several NFT collections. Here’s a few of the updates being done to Avaware.Network

Refactoring — We’ve got developers working on freshening up the code base in general. It wasn’t bad, but we’re aiming for world class. This is an on-going effort and is taking place along side new features being added. Visually these updates may not be noticed, but the site is and will continue to perform better and better.

UI/UX Enhancements — These go hand in hand with the Refactoring. We’re upgrading our UI, but keeping that Avaware look we’ve all grown to love. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the UI updates taking place, we think these upgrades will make navigating and using Avaware.Network much easier.

The top of the farms page
The NFT section will be receiving many new features as we move forward
The Launchpad will feature live IFOs on the index, and have finished one’s on another page.
Our home page will feature total TVL at the top, and be sortable by coin/LP

Contracts — We have added a myriad of new contracts to our system and will continue to upgrade and develop more original contracts for our system. We recently released our FarmPoolManager.sol which manages the farms on Avaware and handles Adding/Removing/Updating/and Funding from the treasury. In addition to this we have a MintManager.sol which will be introduced shortly, this handles minting tokens into the treasury as required depending on how many rewards our pools are using. All contracts are/will be verified and battle tested before release.


Tip.Blue is being developed as we speak. We’re about a month out from launch and have an active IFO on Avaware.Network. We will be launching with Discord support, and adding Twitter, and then Reddit support to the application. We will be launching with all your favorite Avalanche tokens supported, and an easy on boarding process for new tokens.

The $BLUE token will be the premier tipping token in the system , you will also be able to buy upgrades if you’re a project manager, unlocking features that will help you build your community. Here’s a few sneak peaks at what’s being developed, keep in mind these are not final, and changes to them will be made.

Login, JustTheTip — My developer thinks he’s funny
On boarding Discord Users Looking to collect their tips
A look at the Dashboard in Mobile


Cabbage.Cash was a fun yield farm we put together to test out our IFO platform. The project has become quite popular now and we are working on a new UI for it. The new UI looks fantastic! Cabbage.Cash also is going to be utilizing the same contracts we had developed for Avaware, but we’re looking to really crank the APR up on this farm. 1000%+? We think so.

You can ignore the Create Liquidity Pool bit, but other than that. That’s what we’re doing!


Avalanche.Today has become the go-to news source for Avalanche updates and project information. We’ve recently brought on two new writers, and have our same lead writer steering the boat. We try and keep a super objective view and give all projects the news coverage they deserve. Our paid promotions start at $750 and include writing. Feel free to reach out to, truemiller, or meta for more information.

A look at what we can do for our partners. Get your project seen.

Eneftea.Market is com….Wait, gotta go, we’ll leave this one to your imagination.

Thanks for checking out what we’ve been up to! We look forward to building more and meeting everyone in the Avalanche Ecosystem.





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