Last Week At Avaware #2

Last week was a pretty eventful week here at Avaware. Our overall price remained the same. Our average daily volume is pretty steady at 5 to 10k per day. Let’s take a look at what else we’ve accomplished last week, and move into this week ready to achieve just as much!

Come play or invest at

Our dice game finally went live, so far we’ve had over 800k AVE wagered, 330k AVE invested, the house is currently up 3.9% with 34k AVE profit. Come play or invest with us at


Come stake and earn AVE with us at

Our main project site Avaware.Network has gotten a face lift and some behind the scenes updates. Our main index page now features our current staking pools with their TVL and APR, we think this will attract more farmers than our old index did. We just released another NFT on the site as well. Sam The Sasquatch. He’s a cute little fella.

We look forward to continuing our progress, we’ve decided to put all NFT proceeds towards a new AVE buy back program, and we’re currently holding a poll in our Telegram for our next farm pair. Come join in and have your say.




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