AvawareUSD — 99% backed native stable coin on Avalanche

3 min readJan 2, 2022


AvawareUSD — AUSD

It’s been a month or so since we released AUSD and we’re happy with the growth we’ve seen so far. We wanted to make the perfect farming stable coin & swap, and we think we’ve created something great for the Avalanche ecosystem. There’s currently 1.2m AUSD minted, and 200k+ liquidity on each major Avalanche DEX, the biggest liquidity pool being AUSD/WAVAX on Embr.Finance (A recently launched BalancerV2 fork on Avalanche) with ~700k in liquidity.

Stable Coin

AvawareUSD works by allowing you to mint & redeem AUSD at a rate of 1:1 with the stable coins we allow. We currently allow you to mint & redeem using USDC, USDC.e, USDT.e, DAI.e, BUSD.e, TrueUSD, & MIM. When you mint or redeem on Avaware.Network/ausd there is a 1% fee. This fee can be less than than buying on the market, though the stable swaps on Embr.Finance allow you to trade AUSD for other stables at a near 1:1 rate.

Stable Swap

Since you can mint & redeem anytime you want you can utilize the AUSD’s stable reserves to swap in and out of your favorite stable. Only have AUSD and need USDC? simply redeem AUSD for USDC at a rate of 1:1. Just have USDC and want to earn 50% APR on the stable farm with no IL & no Liquidations to worry about? Simply mint half your USDC into AUSD, add the liquidity to the proper farm, and enjoy the rewards!


When you mint AUSD the tokens you used to mint with are stored in the contract so that AvawareUSD is always 99% backed. You can click on the “Backing” tab to view the current stable coins in the contract.

Stable Farms

The greatest thing about AvawareUSD/AUSD is you can use it to partake in our stable farms. These are some of the best paying farms on Avalanche, and I believe we are just getting started. We have a strong team and have been building on Avalanche for the last 8 months and have built a strong flexible product that will allow us to offer our investors more unique and creative ways they can interact and enjoy our protocol.






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