Avaware’s Updated Roadmap 2022

  • There has been and continues to be work on improving the UI, an upgrade for the NFTs section, as well as the creation of an Analytics page for Avaware. Our system is now tracking a number of data points and the UI for the analytics page will be ready soon.
  • The creation of a ‘Swap Aggregator’ feature, something that will help to get the best prices on the market for farming in Avaware, including Embr as a swapping route.
  • Also planned is the creation of a governance system for Avaware, meaning it will become a DAO where the AVE token will give governance power.
  • Worth noting is meta has been spending much of his spare time working on his GameFi project, which will be ready to be beta tested soon. It is a runescape classic private server with NFT support for minting and redeeming to and from the game. This game and the university will work together, letting users complete tasks such as developing in-game plugins, which is a fun and innovative way to learn.
  • More Launchpad events for non-Avaware projects.
  • Creation and development of the Avaware University (Training Material & On Boarding), which has already started to take its first steps and which will be developed in many areas of crypto education. This goes hand in hand with the Avaware Task system so users will be able to be completing task on real world projects in the ecosystem as they learn, with talented mentors giving tips along the way.
  • Avaware Audit Service, which, as the name suggests, will be a service for auditing projects in order to obtain the Avaware seal of guarantee. We have several ideas which we think will make audits better for everyone including more transparency, bug bounties, peer review system, and 24/7 monitoring for any changes to the properties we’ve audited.



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