Avaware: What’s Next?

It’s been a busy month for the Avaware team, we’ve recently launched our first IFO, a dice game, and continue to make upgrades and additions to our yield farm/launchpad at Avaware.Network. Here’s what we’re planning to focus on and bring our users in the next few months.

Farming Partnerships

We will be partnering with other projects and offering you more pairs to farm on Avaware.network/farm. These partnerships will include new pairs on our site, air drops, and other events to bring more users to our network.

Project Development

Avaware currently has two projects in development. An NFT marketplace and an NFT game. These both are currently being developed by our team. We will be releasing more information and dates as progress continues. We look forward to bringing more useful applications to the Avalanche network.

Auto Compounding

We plan on offering auto compounding services for our farms and other popular farms on Avalanche. We plan on starting with our farms and several popular farms on Pangolin. We hope to have these up and running over the next month.


We’re going to step up our marketing. We believe we’ve built a solid foundation and just not enough people have found it yet. Therefor we will be focusing more attention and resources on marketing and getting the word out about Avaware and the projects we’ve developed.

Stay tuned,


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