Avaware Roadmap 3.0

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Avaware: Grow With Us!

Hey everyone! It’s officially been over a year since we launched Avaware and it’s be a fun and educational ride! We’ve learned a lot over the last year, and look forward to taking the knowledge we’ve accumulated and making our ecosystem even better!

When we started Avaware our plan was to make an all in one application that let our users earn passive income by investing in AVE. Now a year later we offer staking via our LP Farms, Single Sided Pool, and NFTs! Our investors can also earn by partaking in our IFO (Initial Farming Offering) Launchpad. So far we’ve utilized our Launchpad to launch Tip.Blue (Discord Tip Bot for Avalanche Tokens) and Embr.Finance (BalancerV2 Fork on Avalanche)

We’ve continually added interesting new features for our users, such as stable coin farming, and fun NFT events like Alex Wiley’s Unmoved NFT, or AVME’s Avalanche Friend NFT which came loaded with 80% of the purchase price in AVME loaded on the NFT which can be claimed. The Avalanche Friends series is a great way for us to introduce our users to partner projects on the network, and allow our partners to distribute some of their project token to Avaware holders.

We look forward to continuing innovating in the space. We’re working out the best way to keep Avaware being a profitable project for our users to earn passive income and partake in the friendly and close-knit community we’ve established. Lets take a look at what we’d like to achieve with the rest of this year.

Avaware NFT Updates

We look forward to further developing the Avaware NFT ecosystem. We were the first project to offer NFT staking and look forward to many more firsts! We plan on collaborating with more artists in both the Music and Visual Arts, as well as completing our module for Physical NFTs, which will allow users to buy an NFT, and then claim the product whenever they would like to have it shipped to them!

  • Create Individual NFT Page /nft/seriesID/tokenID
  • Display If NFT has been Claimed (NFTs with Tokens) structure
  • Display if NFT has been Shipped (Physical Product NFTs)
  • Physical NFTs: Store Shipping Data Server Side after verifying ownership or Encrypted On-Chain
  • Discord Bot For AvawareNFTs (Proof Of Ownership between Discord Account & NFT)
  • Increase NFT Staking Emissions

Establishing AvawareDAO

Moving to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structure has always been one of our goals, and we’re finally taking the steps to make that happen. For our DAO voting, there will be 100 DAO NFTs, these NFTs will be able to be bought and sold on the market for AVE or AVAX, as well as be staked to passively earn AVE. AvawareDAO NFTs will give users the ability to introduce and vote on proposals.

  • Release AvawareDAO NFTs
  • View active and completed proposals via Avaware.Network/proposals
  • Vote yes or no on active proposals at Avaware.Network/proposals/active
  • Display proposal details and progress via Avaware.Network/proposals/ID

Avaware Partner Farms

Several months ago we removed our partner farms to focus our emissions on our most important liquidity pools and reduce emissions. Our emission rate was cut by 75% and focused primarily on our largest LP AVE/AVAX PGL. We’re going to bring back partner farms but instead of setting them up and having them run indefinitely, we will establish an amount of tokens to be distributed over one to three months. Users will be rewarded for providing liquidity to the partner farm, AVE/PNG PGL for example.

  • Launch Emission/Time Based Farms (Ex: Reward AVE/PARTNER LP for 3 months at 10k AVE per week.
  • Double Reward Farms (Farms that reward both AVE and PARTNER tokens

Launchpad Events

The Avaware launchpad is different from most other Launchpads that are primarily focused on raising funds for the project, the Avaware launchpad lets users stake AVE alone and be rewarded in the project that is launching’s token. So far we have had three launchpad events all of which were projects that we created, we’re now focused on bringing in external projects to partner with and currently have two lined up! We will have more details including the date and length of the new events #soon.

  • Minimum 5 partner launchpad events per year.

Avaware Audits

Avaware Audits

Audits have become an integral part of a successful Web3 project. Due to a high demand of quality audits, and only a handful of trusted parties performing them, the price of having your project audited correctly and thoroughly has skyrocketed. Our plan is to start offering audits at an affordable rate, each audit will include full code review by at least 2 seasoned solidity developers with good standing in the Avalanche community, vulnerability testing (server and contracts), a peer review/bug bounty program that lets our community of developers earn rewards finding vulnerabilities.

The profit from our audit services would be used to pay the participating developers, cyber security researchers, bug bounties, and any additional funds into the Avaware Treasury for strategic use (proposals).

Build Time!

TL;DR: Roadmap v3 TODO

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