Avaware.Network Gets An Upgrade! Improved Farming UI & Project Information


It was a great week for Avaware as we watched our Market cap climb up and beyond 200k! Our focus for the last week has been on improving our projects home base. The new, Avaware.Network features updated project information, an improved farming UI, and a better mobile experience.


The farming UI now automatically updates every 60 seconds, has updated price data, and allows you to open/hide each pool. At the moment we only have the AVE/AVAX PGL pool, but this will be an important feature once we start adding more pools for you to stake and earn. We’ve also added earnings data and several other metrics to keep you informed.

Project Page v2

The other pages on Avaware.Network were also improved. We look forward to continuing this kind of improvement and progress as we grow and expand. We think the new project website paints a better picture of what we’re striving to achieve with Avaware. We’ll be continuing minor renovations this week leading up to the opening of several new farming pools for our community.

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