Avaware Launchpad — Ready For Liftoff?

4 min readJan 2, 2022


1, 2, 3.. We have liftoff!

When we first launched Avaware our goal was to build a protocol & portfolio of projects that would help new projects in their journey to launching and establishing themselves in the Avalanche ecosystem. Avaware can provide everything a project needs to launch on Avalanche — marketing, liquidity, farms, advisory support, raising funds, and finally an IFO Launchpad event to finish out your launch strong and get the right people interested in your project.

How It Works

If you’re a team with a project that’s interested in launching via the Avaware Launchpad then we will custom tailor a series of events to help you reach the goals you’re after. Team leaders can reach us by mailing avaware@protonmail.com, or by hopping on the discord server and dropping meta a message.


Funding is an important part of any successful launch, we will create a series of events to help your project raise funds. By raising funds in AUSD this gives teams the support & stability they need when they are just starting out. Here’s a look at how Avaware is changing how we raise funds for projects.


Embr.Finance Public Sale NFTs (Already Claimed EMBR or there would be a ‘CLAIM’ button)

Avaware recently used this new model that we think is a unique and fair way of raising funds for projects. We host an event and each NFT has a certain amount of the token that can be claimed from it. We can set dates on when the NFT can be claimed as well. The NFT sale would be held on the NFT shop page here Avaware.Network/nft. In addition to the tokens that can be claimed from the NFT, users can keep their NFT as a collectible, sell it on the market, or stake it and earn from the Avaware NFT Staking Pool. Each NFT has a set price for example there may be 250 NFTs for $500 AUSD each to raise 125k. These variables will change on a launch to launch basis.

Launchpad (IFO)

Embr.Finance IFO Event

After the public NFT sale we also can offer a longer term IFO that runs on Avaware.Network/launchpad for 90 days. We currently have an active IFO that is paying out 250k EMBR to AVE investors. To partake in the event you can simply stake your AVE and start accumulating the token we’re launching immediately. The more you stake the bigger portion you will receive. There is no locks, you can claim your rewards & withdraw your AVE at any time.

Not Enough?

We have connections with Venture Capital funds that are focused on growing the Avalanche community. If your project still requires more funding we raised with the public NFT event, we can organize a private round, again this is on a project to project basis.


Avaware runs several Avalanche related media sites we can advertise from to ensure the Avalanche community can find and learn about your project. We run Avalanche.Today, and AvaxGiveaways. Both have healthy social media followings and Avalanche.Today is receiving over 50k users per month on average.

Liquidity & Farming

Each launch will be custom tailored but we can also offer AVE/TOKEN farm to help with initial liquidity. We can also discuss other pools & farms and utilize our other properties such as Embr.Finance to make sure you have starting liquidity and a solid launch that gives teams the freedom to focus on what they’re building and to do their best to realize their visions and reach their goals.


Avaware has several talented project managers, developers, marketing specialist, writers and more. We can help design your tokenomics and help you fully grasp the dynamics that will be at play to make sure teams don’t undersell themselves. We can advise on devOps, Security, Marketing, Branding, and Strategy. Once we’re in contact we can figure out what your project needs and custom tailor a launch solution that has everyone excited and anticipating participating in your launch events.





Avaware brings talented open source developers together to collaborate and bring fun, innovative projects to a device near you. We’re the builders. $AVE