Avaware Embr.Finance IFO Launchpad Event: 45 Days Left!

Embr.Finance Launchpad Event Is Still Going!

Its been 45 days since we launched the Embr.Finance IFO launchpad event on Avaware.Network, that means we’re half way done! There are a total of 250k EMBR being distributed through the IFO event that is spread out over 90 days, the more AVE you stake the more EMBR you will receive. Visit the Launchpad page on Avaware.Network to participate!

Embr.Finance IFO on Avaware.Network

Simply stake your AVE, there is no risk of IL since you aren’t creating any LP. This is great if you’re looking for a way to compound your AVE rewards. Simpy take your rewards and stake them in the IFO to start earning EMBR. Then you can compound your Launchpad rewards and AVE farming rewards into AVE/EMBR EPT for even more earnings!


Avaware’s Linktr.ee



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