Avaware Contracts, API endpoints

Hey everyone, just a quick update to let you know that our contract list will be kept up to date on our GitHub here. All contracts are verified so the source is viewable. We will keep the list updated on our GitHub, and announce any future additions/changes to our contracts.

FarmPoolManager: 0x7ec4AeaeB57EcD237F35088D11C59525f7D631FE
AVE/AVAX PGL: 0xFA3B314b1dF07e4b9237c2d60c3299065F151f78
AVE/CYCLE PGL: 0xb4B6b1B8E3C83A1035ab7a8F9ccD51d9aBB2c480
AVE/YAK PGL: 0xe47fd6583B4a7d3Db1e0F0a5c0CCB5A2BDfa7f53
AVE/SHERPA PGL: 0xe640fC3AdCEe36258215d02Db8051FCcaaD8D3e9
AVE/PEFI PGL: 0x16563b74c2C87D52f98867e4c181BA25cb4EA2B8
AVE/CABAG PGL: 0x863d50e94fe41c1D464356a6Ae4eF8e52F9C1baB
AVE/PNG PGL: 0x43C759da798c2199A7B558Ba7D307db824921aD7
AVE/ELK ELP: 0xa842C15eD93C8d8caC6b7E3C4872f88e115DfB33
AVE Single Sided: 0xF7F90f203e7BCf0F64E9e73A361D6DB4Ed8F72Ba

We also have a number of API end points being developed that will help services include Avaware in their project listings/rankings. We will announce the official list of end points this coming week which will include total TVL, TVL per pool, Circulating, Market Cap, and Current Price. Stay tuned!