Avaware Avalanche Friend NFT Event! AVME

1 min readJan 4, 2022
New Avalanche Friends NFT!

Welcome AVME to our Avalanche Friends NFT collection! Each NFT can be staked in our NFT staking pool, can be bought and sold on our NFT marketplace, and also are each loaded with 160 AVME each (72 $AUSD at time of writing) that can be claimed immediately!

80% (8k AUSD) of the proceeds went towards market buying our new Avalanche Friend AVME’s token. We did this ahead of time so we could fund the NFT. 8,000 AUSD was used to market buy AVME on Pangolin and that got us 16,200 AVME. We rounded that off to 16k and divided it amongst the 100 NFT holders. You can immediately claim your 160 AVME ($72 AUSD) once you purchase the NFT via the Avaware NFT wallet on our site.

The other 20% of the NFT sale will be used to market buy AVE and fund the giveaways to raise awareness about both Avaware, and AVME. This is a great chance for our Avaware investors who haven’t yet invested in AVME to jump in and get a some AVME, as well as a new Avalanche Friends NFT.

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