Avaware Artist NFT “Unmoved” by Alex Wiley

We’ve released a new NFT from our Avaware Artist collection on Avaware.Network, The Avaware Artist collection highlights talented artist from around the globe. In this series we’ve been blessed by hip hop artist Alex Wiley who has bestowed upon us three exclusive tracks and some of his very own digital art. Each NFT includes the three original tracks, high res digitally signed artwork, and Avaware card-sized collectible.

The title of the artwork is “Unmoved” and only 500 of these NFT collectibles will ever exist. In addition to downloading the artwork and music through IPFS, you can also stake your NFT and generate $AVE passively, earning your money back while you enjoy good tunes and support the artist directly!

Alex Wiley has an active discography, releasing several mixtapes and albums since 2012. If you are interested in learning more about his work you can visit his SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube channel. This is the second rapper to feature music via NFTs on Avaware, following the release of singer Magnus Low’s album, ‘Moonbreaker’, in what is the second of many more to come. Keep an eye on Avaware for the latest news!




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