Roadmap v2.0 — Nov 24th 2021

It feels like it’s been forever in crypto time since we’ve put out an official roadmap update. 7 months building on Avalanche and things are going great. Recently releasing Avaware’s Litepaper v1.1 has brought our mid and longer term goals into focus.

Roadmap v2.0

2021 Q2
Launch Avaware.Network
Avaware Farms v1
Launchpad IFO Event #1…

NFT Staking Now Live on Avaware.Network

Ready to put those Avaware NFT’s to good use? We’ve just released NFT Staking. Visit the wallet page under our NFT section on Avaware.Network and you can easily start staking your NFTs and earning rewards.

Each Avaware NFT has a weight of 1, the more NFTs you stake the more you will earn. Right now the NFT staking pool pays out 5k AVE per week, we will adjust it as needed to keep the returns attractive.




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